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Exercises to Lose Fat

Wearing a pedometer and moving more will help you get fitter, but if you want to
specifically exercise to lose fat, follow the F.I.T.T criteria below:
F: Frequency
It should be done most days of the week, but aim for no less than 5 days.
I: Intensity
Exercise should be done at a moderate intensity - you should be slightly out of breath
but still able to talk.
T: Time
It should be done for at least 40 minutes, building up to one hour. Beginners should
start more slowly building up to these times - Initially the exercise time can be split into
3 sessions during the day.
T: Type
Exercise must be weight bearing and cardiovascular in nature. For example walking,
jogging or aerobics.
The best type of exercise to fulfill all these criteria is Walking. Increasing any one or all
of the following three factors of Time, Speed and Distance will keep progressing your
action plan to move more.
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