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How to Move More

If you are new to exercising or have not exercised regularly for the past six months, follow this simple action on how to start moving.
1. Wear your pedometer for 4 days making sure that at least one of the days
is a weekend day. Record the number of steps you take each day.
2. Calculate the average number of steps you took each day. This is your
3. Add 500 to your Baseline and that is the number of steps you should try to
achieve each day for the next week or fortnight.
Baseline + 500 = Target number of Steps per day
The extra steps can be incidental exercise and/or planned exercise.
4. Once you are able to achieve that new number of steps comfortably, add
an additional 500 steps to each day. (Baseline + 500 + 500 = Target Steps
per day).

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