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A simple action plan to get you moving more
As you achieve each new step target comfortably, keep adding an additional
500 steps to your daily target.
Note: If you are already a regular exerciser or quite fit you could add your
additional steps in groups of 1,000 and add them faster.
As you get used to the extra movement and you get fitter and your muscles
become stronger, you will find achieving the required steps gets easier and
becomes more pleasurable.
The important thing is to continue to progress your own personal exercise
plan and to try to achieve the required steps on all, if not, most days of the
Your Goal
The long term goal is to achieve between 8,000 and 10,000 steps per
day and to incorporate at least 40 minutes of moderate intensity planned
exercise on all, if not most, days of the week. But depending on your own
personal baseline and level of fitness this might be a long term goal.

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