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Incidental Exercise and Weight Loss

Incidental exercises are the movements you perform during the day as
part of everyday life. Keeping active throughout the day is the real key to
permanent weight loss. Below are some examples to help you increase your
incidental activity and exercise during the day:
  • park further away from the shopping centre
  • try not to sit still for more than half an hour during the day
  • get off the bus two stops before your regular stop
  • take the steps instead of the lift or escalator
  • walk to the corner shop to get the bread on the weekend
  • play with the children instead of just watching
  • get in and do that gardening that you have been putting off
  • walk to visit a friend rather than drive
  • throw away the remote for the TV and get out of your chair
Incidental exercise assists with weight loss as the more you move, the more calories your body will be burning.
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