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Measuring Success.

There are numerous calculations that will tell you if you are in the healthy body weight range or if you need to lose weight. However, each of these tests depends on your gender, height , and body frame size as eveyone is built differently, and some people may have heavier muscle mass than others.
The following tools are designed to be used only as a guide. If you have any concerns you should ask your doctor for help.
BMI Test
The Body Mass Index is a formula that can help determine if you have a healthy weight for your height.
Scale Weight
Weight scales measure Total Body Weight, but can be misleading as an indicator of fat loss.
Height / Weight Chart
There is no single ideal body weight, only a healthy weight range.
Waist Measurement
Waist measurement is a good indicator of unhealthy fat stored around the stomach.
Reward Yourself
Celebrate all your successes to make losing weight an even more rewarding experience.
  Weight Loss Measurement