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Measuring Success - Scale Weight
Weight scales can be misleading as an indicator for weight loss success because
they measure Total Body Weight and not just fat loss or gain. Scale weight can be
affected by eating, drinking, going to the toilet and even hormonal changes. These
may affect scale weight but not fat loss.
If a person is exercising regularly, they could be increasing their muscle mass, which
will weigh more than the same mass of fat. This in turn will show up on the scales as
an increase in total weight even though they may have lost some body fat.
So while weight scales can give you an indication of how you’re progressing, do not
become fixated by the scale figure on a daily basis. Always keep sight of your long
term health goals.
Height/Weight Chart
There is no single ideal body weight, only a healthy weight range.
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Waist Measurement
Waist measurement is a good indicator of unhealthy fat stored around the stomach.
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