4 reasons why you’re not losing weight

These simple mistakes could be holding you back

You might be thinking to yourself “how can I lose weight fast?”, or even “how many calories per day to lose weight?” when you’re not seeing the results you want. Accredited Practising Dietitian Ashleigh Jones has some simple steps you can take to kick start your weight loss for a healthy lifestyle.


1. Exercise isn’t everything. Healthy eating and dieting is essential

Regular exercise is an essential part of living a healthy lifestyle, however exercise alone is not enough to shift the extra kilos for most people.  You need to create a deficit of 500 calories every day to lose half a kilo per week, and a deficit of 1000 calories every day to lose a full kilo per week.  To put this in perspective, a brisk 60 minute walk burns only a couple of hundred Calories – this means that for most of us, diet alone will not shift the weight.  Make time to exercise every day to keep your body and mind healthy. Ensure healthy food choices by planning ahead and keep your portion sizes in check if you want to see a change on the scales!


2. High calorie foods

Smoothies and juices can seem like a healthy choice. However, they can be high in calories and do not satisfy hunger as effectively as whole foods. While most people would not sit down and eat four oranges in one sitting, that’s roughly the number that goes into an average-sized glass of juice.  However, unlike whole oranges, the juice does not contain very much fibre and tends to be drunk very quickly.  The same applies to smoothies, which can also include large amounts of added sugars, such as honey and syrup, and calorie-dense ingredients such as nuts, nut butters and seeds. Instead of blending yoghurt and fruit try eating them whole – you will get the gut health benefits of added fibre and feel much fuller for longer!


3. You’re eating too much healthy fats

Avocados, nuts and olive oil are sources of heart healthy fats, but even healthy fats are high in calories.  If you are trying to lose weight, it’s essential to keep your calories under control – even those that come from healthy sources!  These foods are great to include in your diet, but keep an eye on portion sizes if weight loss is your goal. Measure out a small handful of nuts rather than eating straight from the jar. Use a spoon to measure out your olive oil rather than free-pouring like the chefs on TV!


4. You’re not eating proper portion sized meals

Is snacking bad for weight loss? It’s a common question many people wonder. To answer this simply eating small snacks on the run instead of proper meals makes it easy to overeat because you’ve tuned out from your body’s hunger and fullness signals. To avoid snack amnesia try sitting down to regular meals away from distraction so you can fully enjoy your food and listen to your body’s cues.  This means turning off the TV (and other screens) and taking your time to really notice and enjoy your food. And try not to be a speed eater – when you slow down it gives your body time to notice that it’s been fed. You may also find that you’re satisfied with eating smaller portions than you realised.


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