6 tips to make daily activity stick

Enjoying movement as part of your daily routine doesn’t have to be complicated. Health and well-being specialist, yoga therapist and dietitian, Suzanne Pearson shares strategies that can help your activity routine stick.

If you struggle to get moving daily, you’re not alone. Lack of time? Unmotivated? Unsure what to do? Quell your barriers with these tips to get you started.

Start small

It’s easier to find the time and motivation when you start small. Five, or even 10-minutes of movement is a great place to start. Stretch while watching TV, squat while you fold the laundry or take a post-dinner walk around the block. When you start with just 5-minutes, you may be inspired to do 5 more and you can gradually build from there.

Do something you enjoy

Being physically active doesn’t just happen in gyms or on the track. Walking, dancing, swimming, gardening, jogging, biking, team sport, playing with the kids…with endless options, make moving fun! If it’s fun, you’ll look forward to doing it and you’re more likely to stick with it. As an added bonus remember that all movement counts; so even cleaning the house or mowing the lawn are great forms of activity.

Make exercise a planned part of your day

Set aside time in your day to move your body. In doing so, you’re committing to yourself and making moving a priority. Select a time of day that suits you best and set a reminder to prompt you. It can be helpful to pair it with something else you do daily. You may be ready to get going as soon as you get up or perhaps you prefer to move just before lunch. Regardless of your preference integrating activity into your day helps it becomes routine.

Consistency is key

The more often we do something, the easier it becomes and the more likely it is to become a habit. Just like brushing your teeth, doing some sort of movement every day will be wired into your brain so that your day won’t feel complete without it. The key is to get your body used to daily activity and form a habit.

Mix it up

Enjoy a variety of different activities to keep boredom at bay. Or try something new to challenge yourself. As a bonus you keep the body guessing, which pays off when it comes to your health overall.

Buddy up

Involving friends or family in fitness activities is a great way to help you stay motivated and keep each other accountable. Family not interested? Joining your local fitness group can be a great way to meet people who are on a similar journey as you. So grab a buddy and get moving!

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