6 unexpected bonuses of eating a healthy diet

Even more reasons to eat a healthy diet

Wellness Coach and Lifestyle Medicine Practitioner, Bell Silverthorne shares the other surprising benefits of eating a healthy diet.

1. Not getting food hangovers

It’s akin to a hangover, that feeling you have when you have an enormous dinner, you can still feel a bit full/yuck/bloated even the next day. When you have a more appropriate portion sized dinner, rest assured there are no food hangovers in sight!


2. Recalibrating the meaning of treat

In a world where it’s all too easy to access junk food on almost every street corner and at the end of every shopping isle, treats have become standard. When you adopt a healthy way of eating, having a small portion of treat foods every now and again (read: not multiple times a day) means you learn to actually appreciate and savour treats again.


3. Better poos

Sorry to the prudish folk, but there’s no other way to put this. When you have a diet with more fibre (plant based foods – think veg, fruit and grains) and less rich and fatty food, you have better poos. No-one likes an emergency dash to the toilet when things are moving too quickly, and on the flip side, straining is not a fun time either. Having better bowels has a surprisingly big impact on how comfortable we feel each day. While we are on the topic – have a look at the Bristol stool chart to see if you have happy poos.


4. Feeling good

Most of us will tend to stand a little bit taller, and feel a bit more proud and satisfied in our own skin if we eat well. Rather than that niggling sense of feeling guilty of what you “should” buy/prepare/eat. We have enough worries in our lives already, so embrace the feel good factor that comes with healthy eating.


5. Saving money

Generally speaking, you will save money by eating whole foods. There are always people who will argue against me on this one, but if you are looking at cost per kilo and buying seasonal produce, your hip pocket will be better off. Over the long term, having a healthy way of eating pays dividends in other ways – you don’t have to pay for GP visits, and medication for lifestyle diseases if you can avoid getting them in the first place!


6. Skip the bleugh feeling

Let’s face it, if you tuck into a cheese and bacon hamburger and chips or the equivalent. I can guarantee 15-20 minutes later you can start to feel GROSS. Do you have that feeling after eating a delicious salad or stir fry? I certainly haven’t experienced it! Eating well improves your energy and mood so tune in to how you’re feeling after mealtimes.


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Bell Silverthorne is an exercise physiologist, wellness coach and lifestyle medicine practitioner with a passion for every day Australians to be that little bit healthier. Whether it’s sleeping better, exercising more, eating more fruit and veggies each day or doing your best to maintain a good headspace. Bell is a massive advocate of lifestyle medicine – harnessing your everyday lifestyle habits to help prevent, manage or even reverse chronic disease.