7 game-changing Sunday habits for a successful week ahead

How to beat the Sunday blues and start your week with a bang

What you do on Sunday night can set the tone for your entire week. While weekends are meant for a more fun and relaxed agenda, continuing it through to Sunday night can lead to Monday morning madness. Here are some tips to establish your own Sunday night routine that will ensure you’re starting the week with energy to kick your health goals.


1. Set yourself up for success

 If you haven’t had a chance to grocery shop or plan your meals for the week, chances are Monday morning will be a whole lot harder. Stay motivated by spending some time on the weekend to meal prep or overhaul your fridge and fill it with healthy foods you enjoy. Stock up on healthy snacks like nuts, fruit and veggies so you can grab and go in the morning. Using ready-made healthy meals can save you hours of time meal shopping and prepping. Get them delivered on Sunday to ensure you’re starting the week in a good position and can avoid unhealthy temptations like takeaway and fast food. Lite n’ Easy now offers Sunday delivery to get your working week off to a great start.


2. Plan your week ahead 

Write down everything you want to achieve for the upcoming week. Plan other commitments like workouts and appointments. Prioritise your tasks, write your to-do list and review any upcoming deadlines. Thinking about the week ahead will help reduce some of the stress of Monday.


3. Plan your outfits for the week

A habit that can save you time during the morning rush before work is to plan your outfits for the week ahead. Ensure you’re clothes are washed and ironed and ready to use. You don’t need to plan everything, but a rough plan will go a long way in saving you from the morning madness. Check your schedule and plan your outfits around business meetings, workouts or social events. And if you’re hitting the gym, lay your active wear out the night before you so you can just get up and go the next morning.


4. Avoid alcohol and eat a healthy dinner

Keep drinking alcohol to Friday or Saturday night and make alcohol off-limits on a Sunday. I know it can be hard, but it will make waking up on Monday easier and less foggy. Eat a healthy dinner to avoid that heavy feeling. You’ll wake up feeling energised and ready to smash out your Monday morning gym session.


5. Go to bed early

Getting to bed earlier on a Sunday night can make a big difference in how you feel and how you approach your Monday morning. Start your bedtime routine early and try and switch off from screen time for at least an hour before bed. Try taking a hot bath to clear your mind or drinking herbal tea to unwind. The results of a good night’s sleep on a Sunday can last long into the week and you’ll start the week feeling your best.


6. Clean the house/declutter 

De-cluttering or doing a bit of cleaning on a Sunday is a great way to start the week fresh. Tidying up the house can also help to reduce stress and help you prepare for the week. There’s nothing like fresh sheets or a tidy house to make you feel calmer and put you in a positive headspace. It will also boost your productivity levels.


7. Exercise

Try and set aside some time to exercise on your Sunday. Going for a walk is also a great way to clear your mind before the start of a new week. You’ll not only feel less lethargic but it will also help you have a good night sleep.


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