Don’t make these weight loss mistakes

How to avoid sabotaging your weight loss goals

Lite n’ Easy dietitian Ashleigh Jones outlines the common mistakes people make when trying to lose weight.

We know that losing weight can be hard. Here are the common mistakes that could be holding you back from achieving your goals.


Mistake 1 – Focusing on the scales too much 

It can be helpful to use scales to monitor your weight loss efforts. However, focusing too much on the scales is not healthy and is not always an accurate reflection of your progress. Factors like dehydration and hormonal fluctuations can play a big role here.  If you want to check your weight using scales, schedule it once a week at most. Also, don’t use this as your only measurement of success. Instead, how you look in photos, how you feel in your clothes, your energy levels, and sleeping habits are often better indicators of progress. Celebrate these things instead!


Mistake 2 – Following an all or nothing approach 

Following a healthy lifestyle is all about balance. If you want to lose weight, it’s essential to make sustainable, long term changes to your lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle does not mean saying no to every sweet treat or beverage.  Instead, work on how you can include these things in moderation as part of a healthy, balanced diet. Studies have shown that when we deprive ourselves of all our favourite things, we’re more likely to binge on them eventually. Plan times to indulge, so you allow yourself to enjoy it. Staying on track 80-90% of the time will lead to better results than aiming for perfection and then giving up because it’s too unrealistic and hard!


Mistake 3 – Drinking too many liquid calories

Alcohol can be a significant contributor to weight gain. Alcohol contains more calories per gram than protein or carbohydrates! Consider limiting your intake when trying to lose weight, or save it for a special occasion. Opt for lower alcohol drinks, and choose calorie-free mixers such as sparkling water and fresh citrus. Light beer contains fewer calories than low carb beer.  Pace yourself by drinking a glass of water in between each alcoholic beverage.


Mistake 4 – Not eating enough fruit and vegetables 

Five serves of vegetables and two serves of fruit are the daily recommended amount for healthy adults. Eat your vegetables first, so you fill up on the good stuff. Enjoy a piece of fruit during snack times, as it’s not only filling and tastes great, but it can also help with sugar cravings. Always have fresh fruit in the fridge/fruit bowl and vegetables such as green that you can easily add to meals.


Mistake 5 – Sleep deprivation

Your bedtime habits are important when it comes to weight loss. Sleep deprivation and tiredness can put hormones out of whack and can result in feeling hungrier and craving sweet and starchy foods. The less sleep you get, the more likely you’ll experience cravings for “junk” food, which is your body’s way of trying to find other sources of energy. Instead, create a bedtime routine that ensures you’re getting between 7 and 9 hours sleep every night. Set a regular bedtime and try to minimise screen time in the lead up to bedtime to help get a good night’s sleep.


Mistake 6 – Not planning your meals ahead of time 

Meal planning helps to make the easy option a healthy one. Instead of ordering an unhealthy takeaway, knowing you have a meal ready for you in the fridge or freezer can reduce the temptation of unhealthy last-minute options. These foods can be higher in calories and sodium and can sabotage your weight loss goals. The combination of being too tired and hungry can lead to poor food choices, so it’s handy to have meals ready to go when you are. When grocery shopping, go in with a plan and avoid buying challenging foods that you know you’re likely to reach for at home. Out of sight, out of mind!


Mistake 7 – Not moving enough 

Many people are not moving enough. Our sedentary lifestyles mean that we’re sitting more and exercising less. Life gets busy, but exercise is worth the effort. Plan your exercise for when it suits you and remove obstacles that might sabotage your efforts. Get your activewear out the night before, or keep your gym bag at work or in the car. Pick something you genuinely enjoy so you can stick with it. Think beyond the running, walking and gym routine. Why not try rock climbing, pilates or kayaking? There are so many options out there! Put your exercise plans into your calendar and stick to it like any other appointment.


Why Lite n’ Easy?

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Ashleigh Jones is an Accredited Practising Dietitian with extensive dietetics experience working across hospitals, corporate health, private practice and the food industry. A published researcher, she has collaborated actively across several disciplines including genetics, multiple sclerosis and sports nutrition. Ashleigh specialises in endocrine disorders with particular interest in weight management, pituitary and thyroid disorders, and management of diabetes. Ashleigh is passionate about promoting healthy habits, especially for busy people and offers simple and sustainable nutrition solutions.