Handy meal hacks from Lite n’ Easy customers

We’ve shared some tips from our Lite n’ Easy customers to help set you up for success and stay on track with your healthy eating goals.

Fridge organisation

Many customers talk about the importance of organising their meals for the week in their fridges to easily grab and go. Unpack your day bags from the plastic shopping bag, rather than keeping them all together in the bag. These day bags are labelled 1 – 7 to help identify what to eat on each day. Customers like to line them along their fridge shelf so they can see what to eat. Some even recommended using plastic trays and containers to help organise. The same can be done for dinner meals, whether they’re fresh or frozen. Some customers even write on the dinner lids what night they’re going to eat that meal. This can help you stick to your healthy eating goals and stay on track!


Wrap it up

You’ve probably seen the wrap hack that’s doing the rounds on social media at the moment. If you haven’t seen it yet, this hack is an easy way to make a wrap and keep all your fillings from falling out. You make a cut from the middle of the wrap down to one edge. You then fill each quadrant with one of the fillings. Then fold it up into a triangle that can then be eaten straight fresh or grilled. As this wrap is folded rather than rolled your fillings stay neatly inside the wrap and the changes or it breaking or spilling are much lower.



If you find yourself in a rush in the morning, we’ve got some easy, on the go hacks that might help you at breakfast time. Hard boil your eggs the night before so you can take them to work for an easy on-the-run brekkie. You can also cook your eggs in the microwave if you’re pushed for time, check out the video below for a demo. Some customers even love cooking their frittata or fresh omelette mix in a pie maker so they have a perfectly sized parcels of delicious frittata to enjoy on the run.


Leftover fruit

If you find you’re not eating your whole piece of fruit during the day, some customers recommend pre-cutting it in the morning to grab and go. Others have said they love adding their leftover orange to a blender with ice for a refreshing juice smoothie.


Fruit sorbet

If you’re on one of our meal plans and you’re looking for something sweet in the evenings, why not make sorbet? If you can, save your fruit cup from earlier in the day and freeze it. You can then blend it into a sorbet for a delicious, guilt-free dessert that will be sure to satisfy any sweet craving.


Swap out your microwave

You don’t always have to use your microwave when heating our meals. Many customers tell us how much they love using their air fryer. This can be used to add extra crunch to chicken tenders, wedges, roast potatoes, crumbed fish, chicken schnitzel and parmigiana. They then heat their veggies separately in the microwave.


Toasted wraps and sandwiches

Lots of customers tell us how much they love the selection of wraps and sandwiches available on our menus. But you don’t always have to eat these fresh. Toasting your wraps and sandwiches in a sandwich press is a great way to change things up and give your lunch a different texture or crunch. We love toasting the Roast Chicken Tender, Tomato and Smashed Avocado in a Wrap that’s available on our Summer Menu.


Apple chips

If you have an apple left over at the end of the day, why not make it into delicious apple chips? This dietitian approved recipe is easy. Just thinly slice the apple, sprinkle with cinnamon, bake at 180C for 30 mins or until crispy then enjoy!


Lite n’ Easy delivers great tasting, healthy food that makes it easy to lose weight and manage your weight. Lite n’ Easy offers a range of healthy meals and convenient meal plans which take all the guesswork out of eating well. Give us a call on 13 15 12 or order online now.