How to give your favourite foods a healthy makeover

Healthy food hacks from a Lite n' Easy chef

Lite n’ Easy Senior Development Chef, Brett Johnston shares the tricks of the trade and how you can still enjoy your favourite foods with some sneaky substitutes.

1. Butter Chicken

Butter Chicken is a takeaway favourite, but did you know your average curry house version can host up to a whopping 800 calories? But at Lite n’ Easy, we have a way you can still enjoy Butter Chicken without the extra fat, oil and calories. We use eggplant! We use eggplant puree as a fat replacer and this is what gives it the creamy texture that you need in a curry sauce. By pureeing the eggplant you feel like it’s fatty but it’s actually healthy.


2. Creamy pasta

Creamy pasta is another favourite that can be high in calories. In fact, the average carbonara at a restaurant can have about 700 calories. Whereas a Lite n’ Easy Spaghetti Carbonara is just as delicious and comes in at just 380 calories. We use we use a lot of cauliflower instead of cream. This provides the white appearance, but because we cook the cauliflower out it feels like you’re eating cream. We only add a tiny bit of cream or milk at the end. The same can be achieved for creamy soups. If you mix cashews with water and puree them it produces a cream. This gives you a nutty and creamy texture and still white in colour. So your soup tastes creamy and delicious, without the cream or the calories.


3. Mushrooms

A great way to get flavour into meals without the added salt is to puree mushrooms. Mushrooms have a natural MSG so it provides a unique umami flavour. Our Steak Diane looks creamy and decadent but the sauce is mostly pureed mushrooms. Mushrooms are high in taste and can be a great addition to many meals.


4. Meatballs and burgers

Eating heathy doesn’t mean that favourites like burgers and meatballs are off the table. We make our burger patties and meatballs taste delicious as well as healthy by keeping them lean and using artichoke as a fat replacement. The fibre and natural oils in artichoke can be pureed this then creates a fatty texture and appearance.


5. Chocolate cake

Did you know that avocado can be included to make desserts too? Avocado is an amazing ingredient you can include to make chocolate cake or mud cake instead of butter or oil and get the same rich flavour and texture. You can’t taste the avocado but it gives you a great nutritional punch. It’s a healthier option, that doesn’t compromise on flavour.


6. Mash potato

Love creamy mash potato but worried about the calories? There’s a way you can still have fluffy and creamy mash potato without gallons of butter or cream. Once you’ve finished mashing your cooked potatoes, add a raw egg and mix through. Don’t worry, the heat from the potatoes will help cook the egg. You’ll be left with guilt-free, creamy mash potatoes.


Why Lite n’ Easy?

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