The best health and fitness gifts to buy this Christmas

Your healthy gift guide

Tips to keep your gift giving this Christmas with health and wellness in mind.

Finding thoughtful Christmas gifts can take up a lot of time and stress. Christmas is a time to celebrate, relax with friends and family and indulge in a few treats. But there are usually enough treats going around without adding more indulgence into the mix with presents. Instead of buying chocolates or alcohol, why not give loved ones the gift of health and wellness? This year we’ve witnessed that our health and wellness have never been more important. Check out some of our top healthy gift ideas for Christmas.


1. Tech and gadgets

Becoming more fit and active is usually high on many New Year resolution lists. From fitness trackers and headphones to exercise and health gadgets, there is something for anyone looking to up their fitness game. Giving them a gift to help encourage their fitness goals is a great way to support your loved one.


2. Massage

Who doesn’t desperately need some relaxation at the moment? Holidays can be full of fun, but they can also be stressful.  A massage can make a great Christmas gift as our own self-care can often go overlooked. This is a great gift for anyone and hopefully means they might return the favour in the future!


3. Food voucher

For many people, the way to the heart is through the stomach. Give the gift of time by gifting someone a meal planning voucher. A voucher gives the lucky recipient a well-earned break from the kitchen, with delicious, healthy meals ready to go when they need them. A Lite n’ Easy gift voucher can be purchased for a loved one this Christmas by calling 13 15 12.


4. Fitness gear

Fitness gear can be a great gift for anyone, regardless of where they are on their fitness journey. From new sneakers, a yoga mat, drink bottle or gym equipment for home, these gifts are made for action and can be a great gift to start the year on the right track.


5. Active adventures

This year, why not add an active adventure into the mix of gifts? There’s a long list of experiences available that will be sure to get your heart pumping and are a fun way to keep active. Why not try go karting, abseiling or indoor rock climbing? These can be great to do with the whole family and will be sure to keep the kids entertained and out of the house.


6. Books

Books are always a great gift for anyone. From cookbooks, nutrition books to personal development, plus the range of leisure reading options, books are a great way to relax. Plus, books are great for your mental health. A journal can also be a great gift to help people track their goals.


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