We love our Lite n’ Easy mums

Celebrating special Lite n' Easy mums this Mother's Day

With Mother’s Day this weekend, we wanted to share the amazing stories of some of our mums and how Lite n’ Easy has helped them.

Hannah and Alexandra

Amazing mum and daughter duo, Hannah and Alexandra have been a great support to each other throughout their Lite n’ Easy journey.

“We motivate each other to stick to our meal plan for the day, and we just love doing it together. Lite n’ Easy allows us to eat healthy and maintain our weight loss. I have so much more confidence, and I love my new lifestyle with Lite n’ Easy!”


Debbie and Riley

Riley was coming out of a relationship breakdown, and her mum Debbie, offered to do Lite n’ Easy as her “wing woman.” They both made a positive change for the better. 

“Thanks Lite n’ Easy for giving us the kick start we had hoped for. Together we have lost 19 kilos in just 10 weeks, and we both feel so much better. Our results speak for themselves!”

Debbie achieved weight loss of 10 kilos in 10 weeks.



Busy mum Nicole has been ordering Lite n’ Easy since 2018 when she lost 21 kilos. 

“I consistently lost weight every week, and by October I got the news my diabetes had completely gone, my sugars were perfect as was my cholesterol. My fatty liver and my thyroid were all back to normal.”

Now since having her second child, Nicole is looking forward to ordering Lite n’ Easy for convenience. 

Nicole feels more motivated thanks to her weight loss.



Jodie started ordering Lite n’ Easy for convenience rather than weight loss, after the sudden loss of her mum. 

“Mum was such a big part of our lives, and we would speak a few times every day. I work full time, so she also helped me to juggle the kids after school commitments. My husband had taken a FIFO job just before we realised mum was sick, which meant that he was away every week Monday – Friday. I decided to order Lite n’ Easy for myself and the kids during the week. The convenience of having healthy cooked meals helped us through our most devastating time. It was such an easy process to order online and have it delivered to our door.”



Chervonne is a busy mum of two kids and before Lite n’ Easy wasn’t eating well, often skipping meals. She felt overweight, didn’t exercise and had mood swings. Chervonne lost 17 kilos over a year on Lite n’ Easy and is the fittest she’s ever been. 

“I have more energy to play with my kids and get through the day. I feel more confident about myself and feel that I can achieve anything I put my mind to.”



Long term customer Lisa has been using Lite n’ Easy and initially lost weight before becoming pregnant. She has continued to use Lite n’ Easy on and off throughout her two pregnancies and loves the convenience and taste of Lite n’ Easy meals. 

“I have had two beautiful baby girls and called on Lite n’ Easy both times to lose the excess weight after pregnancy. As a new mum, the deliveries were essential to being able to keep a nutritious diet and eat regularly to keep energy levels up. As an added bonus, it made weight loss extremely easy too! I am so proud to have been able to get back to my pre-baby shape and vitality both times.”

Her and her husband now love Lite n’ Easy for the healthy convenience. 

Lisa and her children after she lost weight of 28 kilos after pregnancy using Lite n' Easy



Lucy had just become a Nonna (grandma) for the first time and felt she was huffing and puffing just playing with her beautiful granddaughter. She decided she needed to make a change. 

“One year later with Lite n’ Easy and I am living proof that you are what you eat! I have lost 24 kilos and with not much exercise either. My cholesterol has gone down, and I may not need my thyroid medication any longer. I am feeling so much more energetic, it’s been amazing!”

Lucy loves the healthy convenience of our healthy meals.



Kylie gained 10 kilos after going through early menopause, she increased her exercise but struggled to lose the extra weight. Her daughter lost 20 kilos on Lite n’ Easy, so she thought she’d give it a go herself. Kylie lost 12 kilos and has more energy and feels great about herself.

“After losing weight, I enjoyed the convenience and taste of the meals so much, I’ve stayed on the program.”

Kylie continues to use Lite n’ Easy for maintenance and couldn’t be happier.

A photo of weight loss success story Kylie who lost 12 kilos in 12 weeks using Lite n' Easy's delicious and nutrition home delivered meal plan



After the birth of her first daughter, Linzi was 75 kilos and felt unhappy. She used Lite n’ Easy in conjunction with regular walking and was able to return to her pre-birth weight. Then her second daughter came along and has been able to use Lite n’ Easy again to feel healthy and maintain her weight. 

“It helps us achieve a healthy weight and maintain a balanced lifestyle – plus we have more energy and plenty of extra time for the kids.”

Linzi and her husband continue to enjoy Lite n’ Easy for convenience.

Linzi and John achieved a combined weight loss of 35 kilos ordering a Lite n' Easy home delivered meal plan



New mum Jordan, lost 27 kilos before falling pregnant with her son. Jordan’s health changed for the better and feels incredible.   

“I am healthy, I have more energy, and I am so much happier.”

Jordan is looking forward to using Lite n’ Easy again for convenience when she returns to work.

Jordan P achieved weight loss of 27 kilos in 10 months.


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