NDIS Meal Preparation and Delivery

Demystifying NDIS meal preparation and delivery funding

There are around 4.3 million Australians who have a disability. Within the next five years, the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) will provide more than $22 billion in funding a year to an estimated 500,000 Australians who have a permanent and significant disability.

NDIS – What does it mean?

National: Available in all states and territories across Australia.

Disability: The NDIS provides support to eligible people with intellectual, physical, sensory, cognitive and psychosocial disability. Early intervention supports can also be provided for eligible people with disability or children with developmental delay.

Insurance: The NDIS gives all Australians peace of mind if they, their child or loved one is born with or acquires a permanent and significant disability, they will get the support they need.

Scheme: The NDIS is not a welfare system. The NDIS is designed to help people get the support they need so their skills and independence improve over time.

(Source: https://www.ndis.gov.au/understanding/what-ndis)

What meal preparation supports might the NDIS fund?

Your disability might mean you have trouble planning your meals or following multi-step instructions. If you can re-heat your meals, the NDIS may pay for the delivery of pre-prepared ingredients.

While the NDIS can provide reasonable and necessary funding for the cost of meal preparation and the cost of home delivery, the NDIS won’t fund supports that aren’t directly related to your disability.

Why can’t Lite n’ Easy meals be covered 100% under my NDIS funding?

NDIS Meal Preparation and Delivery

The NDIS will only cover the cost for meal preparation and delivery, not the ingredients used – because the NDIS classifies these as “day-to-day living costs” under the reasonable and necessary criteria.

NDIS Participants who have food preparation and delivery included in their NDIS Plan pay 30% for the cost of the ingredients that go into Lite n’ Easy meals while the NDIS pays 70% for the cost of meal preparation and delivery.

Where is meal preparation and delivery featured in my NDIS Plan?

To pay for meal prep and delivery using your NDIS funds, you need to have it specifically included in your plan (Assistance with the cost of the preparation and delivery of meals, support item 01_023_0120_1_1).

From 1 March 2022, the NDIA will no longer require quotes for meal preparation and delivery. Participants who have core support funding specified for meal preparation and delivery, including for support workers to undertake shopping and meal preparation support, will be able to claim meal preparation and delivery as an alternative to support worker via this mechanism.

This new support item does not require a quote, is not a stated support, and can be used where it has been specified as a reasonable and necessary support in a participant’s plan with core funding available.

The pre-existing support item (01_022_0120_1_1) will allow participants / service providers to continue to claim where the item is quotable and stated in a participant’s plan.

Getting meal prep included in your plan

NDIS Meal Preparation and Delivery

You will need to show supporting evidence as to why meal preparation and delivery is reasonable and necessary for you to receive NDIS funding and demonstrate how it is supporting your goals in your NDIS plan. An example of this would be a letter from an occupational therapist explaining why you’re unable to prepare meals yourself. Under your goals, meal preparation and delivery might support your plan towards: increased independence, staying in your own home, health and well-being and assistance with daily activities.

What are the benefits of having Lite n’ Easy as your meal preparation and delivery service provider?

NDIS Meal Preparation and Delivery


With Lite n’ Easy meal delivery you have complete choice over what you order; when you order; and at what frequency you order. No more waiting for a support person to arrive at your home to prepare each meal for you.

Choice and variety

Lite n’ Easy has an extensive menu of meals to choose from, “fresh” when you want them, “frozen” when you need them. Our specialised freezing process locks in the taste and nutrition the day the meals are prepared and guarantees their quality and food safety until you’re ready to eat them.

We offer over 235 delicious meals, including 70 dinners and a range of flexible meal combinations to choose from. We also have a delicious range of nutritious, made to order Fresh Dinners for you to choose from.


Lite n’ Easy meals are perfect for NDIS Participants who want the convenience of having healthy and tasty meals at home. Our dedicated dietitians and chefs work together to put evidence-based nutrition into practice by creating healthy, delicious meals that Australians love to eat and that follow the Australian Dietary Guidelines.


No contracts or joining fees. Our customers are free to order week to week as required.

Convenient Home Delivery

We deliver meals directly to the customer’s home, community centres, short term accommodation and respite facilities.

If I am eligible, how does this work? What will I get charged?

NDIS Meal Preparation and Delivery

Agency Managed Participants

If you have a new plan that includes meal preparation and delivery, you only need to pay 30% upfront for each Lite n’ Easy delivery. Email us at ndis@liteneasy.com.au to find out how we can set up a service booking with you.

Self + Plan Managed participants

You can use Lite n’ Easy as your preferred meals provider of choice. Simply order now and pay 100% upfront for the cost of each delivery. We will email you an invoice the business day after each delivery, which you use to claim a reimbursement from your plan manager.


How can Lite n’ Easy help?

Lite n’ Easy has a range of meal packs available to suit every customer’s needs. For more information for NDIS approved meals, please call us on 13 15 12 or request a quote.


For further information regarding the NDIS or NDIS funding, please contact the NDIS directly:

Phone: 1800 800 110

Email: enquiries@ndis.gov.au

Web: www.ndis.gov.au