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Lite n’ Easy is your nutrition Rx made easy

Lite n’ Easy makes it easy for you to prescribe quality nutrition solutions to achieve better health outcomes for your patients.

Lite n’ Easy offers a range of effective, convenience and delicious meals that help teach patients what a healthy diet looks like and help making achieve health goals easier.

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Our Solutions

At Lite n’ Easy, we want to make the healthy option, the easy option. Which is why we’ve created a range of flexible options to suit patients’ needs.

  • Jump Start Plus is a 2 week program which combines intermittent fasting with our delicious meals. It’s designed to help kick start a customer’s weight loss journey.
  • Our full 5 or 7 day meal plans includes everything for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks each day.
  • Individual meals; including breakfast, lunches, dinners, soups, smaller meals and desserts.
  • Our My Choice range has been designed specifically to meet the nutritional needs of seniors. Approved Home Care Package recipients can now take advantage of the government subsidised split payment method, saving up to 70% of the cost. Currently available in QLD, NSW, ACT, SA & WA, due to be available in Victoria later this year.
  • Lite n’ Easy is a nationally recognised NDIS Registered Provider. Eligible participants can claim up to 70% of the cost of Lite n’ Easy meals.

Hear from our expert Dietitians

Want to learn more about healthy habits and nutritious food? Checkout our Lite Bites blog.

Let’s have a heart to heart…

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7 tips to prevent type 2 diabetes

Lite n’ Easy dietitian Ashleigh Jones shares some important health tips to help prevent developing type 2 diabetes.

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Happy Gut, Healthy You!

By now, we’ve all heard that looking after our gut is important for our health – but what do we actually mean when we talk about gut health? Lite n’ Easy Dietitian Larissa Robbins explains why looking after your gut health is key to a healthier you!

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Why Lite n' Easy?

No lock-in contracts or subscriptions, flexible and easy ordering with options to suit all budgets.

For queries or to provide feedback, please email


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