Jump Start explained by a dietitian

Tips to fast track your 2020 weight loss goals with Jump Start

If you’ve gained a few kilos over the holiday season, you’re not alone.  The most common new year’s resolutions are related to losing weight and eating healthier.  Accredited Practising Dietitian, Ashleigh Jones explains the new Jump Start program by Lite n’ Easy and why it can be a great kick start to those new year’s resolutions.

Jump Start is the new program by Lite n’ Easy that can help fast track your weight loss success in 2020. At Lite n’ Easy we know how important it is to see results at the start of your weight loss journey to help keep you motivated. Jump Start is a short, two week program to kick start your weight loss journey. We’re combining the proven weight loss results of intermittent fasting with our delicious Summer Meal Plans.


The science of weight loss

When it comes to weight loss, it really comes down to calories in versus calories out.  In other words, you need to burn more calories than you consume, which creates a calorie deficit.  This causes your body to start using its own fat stores as fuel, which leads to weight loss.

There are lots of different ways to create that calorie deficit.  Many weight loss approaches rely on continuous energy restriction, which is a technical way of saying that a modest calorie deficit is created each day.  Other approaches, such as the 5:2 intermittent fasting diet, create a substantial calorie deficit on two days per week, while eating at maintenance calories on the remaining five days of the week.  The latest science shows that both approaches will result in weight loss, assuming that the total calories consumed over the week are fewer than the total calories burned over the week.  Both continuous energy restriction and intermittent fasting are effective weight loss strategies, but it really comes down to which approach you can stick with in the long term.

Lite n’ Easy’s regular Full Meal Plans fit into the continuous energy restriction category, and have been shown to be an effective and sustainable way to achieve lasting weight loss.  This way of eating teaches you portion control and consistency, along with good nutrition, and has helped countless Australians achieve their weight loss goals over the past 30 years.


How does Jump Start work?

Motivation is key when it comes to sticking with a weight loss program, and nothing is more motivating than seeing results fast!  Jump Start is a two week program that is designed to kick your weight loss into high gear.  It combines 5 days of normal eating (breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks) with 2 days of fasting.  This helps to increase your weekly calorie deficit to help accelerate your weight loss in those first two weeks.

On the fasting days, your breakfast and morning snack are removed. Each week on Jump Start your meal plan will include: 7 Dinners + 7 Lunches + 5 Breakfasts. This combination reduces your weekly calorie intake by approximately 600 to 800 calories depending on which pack you choose. For optimum results, increase your water intake, exercise and avoid alcohol during this time. To get the maximum benefits of Jump Start, no additional food or calorific beverages should be consumed during the two weeks.


What if I’m feeling hungry?

It is normal to feel a bit hungrier on days when you are eating less food.  Try to schedule your fasting for days where you have lots of distractions so that you aren’t thinking about food.  You could try reading a book or going for a walk with a friend.  To manage hunger, make sure you are drinking plenty of water, as this will help to keep you full. You can keep things interesting by adding slices of citrus or cucumber to your water, or by consuming other calorie-free beverages such as sparkling water, herbal teas and black coffee.  You can also try spreading out your Lite n’ Easy meals and snacks so that you are eating more frequently throughout the day.


What happens after?

After your initial two weeks on Jump Start, we recommend you switch over to our regular 7 Day Full Meal Plans with Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Snacks supplied every day. By doing so, you’ll not only continue to achieve great weight loss results, but you’ll also get the FULL nutrition and health benefits Lite n’ Easy provides. This includes the recommended 5 serves of vegetables and 2 serves of fruit each day which can help reduce your risk of suffering many lifestyle diseases later in life.


Do I still need to exercise?

Where possible it is always good to exercise, not just for weight loss but also for physical and mental health benefits. If you have less energy on fasting days, opt for a lower intensity form of exercise such as walking.


What a typical fasting day might look like

Morning: Wake up and drink a big glass of water.

Morning tea: Continuing drinking water, you might also have herbal tea or black coffee.

Lunch: Have your first meal of the day at lunch time. On our 1200 calorie Summer Meal Plan this might include the Chicken and Apple Salad with Honey Mustard Dressing and toasted Almonds.

Afternoon tea: You could have your Peach Snack Cup or other snack from lunch at this time to spread out your food.

Dinner: Enjoy one of Lite n’ Easy’s delicious dinners, like the Butter Chicken which is filling and satisfying.


Lite n’ Easy’s NEW Jump Start program combines the proven weight loss results of intermittent fasting with our delicious Summer Meal Plans. Click here or call us on 13 15 12 to find out more.