Lite n’ Easy connecting customers for better Men’s Health

This week we celebrate International Men’s Health Week. So, what better opportunity to share the amazing stories of how Lite n’ Easy are helping our customers lose weight, maintain weight or just to enjoy a healthier diet with our delicious, nutritious meals.


“When I hit my heaviest at 144 kilos at 24 years of age, I finally decided enough was enough.”

For Daniel weight loss had always been a struggle. He knew he needed to change, but for some reason no matter what he did, he couldn’t lose the weight he wanted.

“I had never done a weight loss program before, but after Lite n’ Easy I wish I had done it sooner because it changed my life in a dramatic way.”

In less than 2 years of doing Lite n’ Easy Daniel lost an enormous amount of weight – over 58 kilos, and he plans to keep it off!

“I know if I stick with it, my future can only get better and better.”


“Ever since I can remember I had been overweight and growing up with those extra kilos made life hard.”

Before starting on Lite n’ Easy Aaron used to run out of energy quickly and struggled mentally. He wouldn’t participate in everyday activities with friends and felt embarrassed when having to sit on the sidelines whilst everyone else around him had fun. Finally, he had enough and decided it was time to get fit and enjoy life!

“I had no idea how to eat properly so discovering Lite n’ Easy was a godsend.”

Aaron lost 51 kilos over the course of 8 months and has managed to keep the weight off for 4 years.

“Now when doing activities with friends I’m the one that wants to keep going when everyone else is tired which I NEVER in my wildest dreams thought would happen.”


“I challenged my doctors if I was to lose weight would they also reduce my many medications?”

John was diagnosed with type 2 Diabetes at the age of 45 and controlled via prescribed medications, diet and exercise. At ages 46 and 48, John was involved in 2 major car accidents that saw his exercise abilities steadily decline.

In 2017, John decided to have neck and spinal surgery and at 117 kilos it was suggested by his surgeon that it would be a good idea if he lost some weight to assist with the recovery.

“This is when my journey with Lite n’ Easy started. I had seen TV ads and thought that I needed to change my lifestyle around food.”

John’s goal was to achieve his Year 12 high school weight of 87 kilos and waist size of 34cms – which he smashed!

John was thrilled when his specialist agreed that at his next review, if his tests come back the same or improve, he would be prepared for John to cease all medications going forward.

“Achieving a medication free status by the end of the year is an incredible result for me and proof that you don’t need to accept lethargy and poor health as an inevitable part of middle age.”


Still living well at 95!

Since losing his wife three years ago Allen has been ordering Lite n’ Easy dinner meals. His son referred him to Lite n’ Easy as he and his wife have been customers for many years.

“I do keep busy, thanks to my good health, so having healthy tasty meals on hand is a very important part of living well for me.”

At 95 years of age Allen is still driving and enjoying a robust social life. His neighbour Shirley orders Lite n’ Easy and told him about the Home Care Package subsidy, so his son is now looking into getting this for Allen too.

“I really appreciate the extensive choice Lite n’ Easy offers.”

Garry & Jenni

Garry and Jenni lost a combined 36 kilos last year proving that a shared experience can mean twice the reward!

Garry and Jenni started Lite n’ Easy for convenience and to lose some weight when they had to go into temporary accommodation for 6 weeks in a high rise apartment building.

“We loved the meals, it has educated us with good food choices, portion control and was just so easy. Jenni has Chron’s Disease and was able to pick meals which supported her diet, while I could still enjoy curries and spicy meals.”

After Garry and Jenni moved back home, they continued with Lite n’ Easy, ordering the dinners and Mini Meals. They love the variety of meals available and the simplicity of preparation.

“Lite n’ Easy was the answer we were looking for. So thank you  Lite n’ Easy for restoring our health. What you do really does change lives!”


Professional soccer player

Gianni Stensness, is the central midfielder for the Central Coast Mariners.

“As a professional athlete, I often use Lite n’ Easy meals as a healthy filler in between lunch and dinner.”

“Good nutrition is essential for me to train and perform at my best. I can feel my body yearning for good nutrition if I let go for a day or so. I feel light, fresh and renewed when I’ve consciously taking in the right nutrition with the help of Lite n’ Easy.”


“Before Lite n’ Easy I was feeling unmotivated and I could not fit into my pants.”

Pre COVID Sean was working in the airline industry and had developed some unhealthy eating habits and stopped going to the gym.

“I really needed to have a reset, so I decided to stop drinking alcohol for a while and start eating right, with the help of Lite n’ Easy.”

Sean lost 10kilos in just over four months on Lite n’ Easy’s 5 day, breakfast, Lunch and Dinner meal plan.

“This helps socially and also gives me the chance to implement good choices on my own.”



Why Lite n’ Easy?

During Men’s Health Week, Lite n’ Easy celebrates all our male customer success stories. Meals from Lite n’ Easy can help men across all age groups eat well and stay healthy. Lite n’ Easy has a range of healthy meal options to suit men whether they’re after convenience or weight loss. Give us a call on 13 15 12 or click here to order now.