Start Weight
130 kilos (181cm)
Current Weight
103 kilos
Weight Lost
27 kilos
24 weeks

In 2016 I was diagnosed with cancer, and fortunately I have been in remission for 2 years. After the treatment finished, I put on more and more weight. I was eating healthy, using different meal delivery companies put to help with planning my meals. I was trying to exercise where I could but it was not enough.​

My wife had already started Lite n’ Easy and suggested I join her. I have been on it ever since.

Lite n’ Easy makes meal preparation easy and the choice in the menu allows a nice variety throughout the week. Most mornings I start with eggs, being omelette or even eggs benedict. The lunches never bore with crunchy salads at the beginning of the week to mid-week burgers and finishing with a roll or curry. Dinner can be a treat with spaghetti marinara, lamb shanks, a steak or a delicious korma.

There is even something for the kids and they love choosing a meal for dinner to eat with my wife and I. A particular favourite of their’s is the lasagne.

After 27 weeks I lost 24 kilos and I am still going. I am feeling better and have much more energy to play with the kids. I am a teacher and often get comments from the students about how much better I look. ​Losing so much weight and improving my fitness, has helped me place third in a national body transformation competition!

My fitness and nutrition are an investment in my future health and Lite n’ Easy has been an important part of that investment for me.

*Individual results may vary