Start Weight
68 kilos
Current Weight
58 kilos
Weight Lost
10 kilos
10 weeks

After my 4th child, I decided I needed to lose the baby weight I had progressively put on after each pregnancy. My clothes weren’t fitting like they used to, my energy was gone and I was genuinely unhappy with how I felt.​

I needed to start looking after myself but I had little time to prepare special meals for myself

The convenience of Lite n’ Easy suited me perfectly in this regard. My my mum was also doing the program with great results and I had seen the quality and freshness of the food.

I ordered the 1200 Calorie 7 Day Meal plan with breakfast lunch and dinner included and I really enjoy the food. The breakfasts are always changing and you don’t necessarily have to cook because the cereal options are delicious too. The lunches are easy and filling and the dinners give you a vast variety that you never feel like you are eating the same meals week to week.​

As soon as I was eating right my energy returned and I was able to challenge myself to get my body moving. Fitness apps at home were a perfect start as well as walking or riding to and from school for drop offs and pick ups.​

Now I  have lost 10 kilos in 10 weeks and I feel great.

My kids have noticed the change as I am able to run around with them more and I am much happier in general.

With Lite n’ Easy I can eat healthy and look after myself.

*Individual results may vary.