Aunty Barb

Home Care Package Customer

Lite n’ Easy has made such a difference to my life.

I have several medical conditions including diabetes, that make preparing a meal difficult. I have problems with my hands and lack strength in my muscles. I also find it difficult to stand for long periods and I use a walker.

There are many things I cannot eat because of certain conditions and food allergies, so before Lite n’ Easy I often just didn’t eat much at all because it was in the too hard basket. I very seldom felt hungry, so would skip meals. My daughter cooked for me for a time and delivered a freezer full of food once a week, but even then, I was a bit “naughty” and would just have the one meal a day.

In the end I became quite unwell because I was under-nourished. Now with Lite n’ Easy, it is a breeze.

Lite n’ Easy list all the ingredients of each meal on the website, which is handy for me, so I can avoid certain meals with things like coconut for example. I can also look at the calories and carbohydrates in each meal to make sure I am hitting my targets to manage my diabetes.

I love having choices on the lunch and breakfast menu.

It is a wonderful thing as I can choose meals that I like and that will best suit my health needs. I organise my Lite n’ Easy breakfasts and my lunches in my fridge and freezer in their days i.e., lunches in their days 1 to 7 at the back of the top shelf and my breakfasts correspondingly in the front of them. Freezer things for lunches go in the top of freezer door shelf and breakfast things on the lower. And then of course, I choose my evening meals in whatever order I like.

It takes me a bit of time on a Friday morning when my delivery arrives, but then “Bob’s your uncle” and everything is ready to go for the week. My carer just buys me some milk and that’s it!

I am so thankful to Lite n’ Easy for extending their service to include those on a Health Care Package.

I could never have afforded it before. My package pays for 70% and I pay 30% which is amazing. I cannot thank or praise Lite n’ Easy enough. Thank you for going the extra mile to help aged persons like me to stay in our homes where we feel safe, comfortable and in familiar surroundings.

Thank you for being there for us.


Aunty Barb

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