Barry & Jen

My wife’s sister and husband introduced us to Lite n’ Easy a while back. They, like us, recognised occasions when they were time poor, so food shopping, meal decisions and meal prep could be a challenge.

We quickly discovered that Lite n’ Easy Dinners were a realistic solution.

We sought only to supplement our meals because we enjoy our cooking. We quickly came to love Lite n’ Easy and soon had our favourites—Roast Lamb, Chicken Fettuccini, and Slow Cooked Beef with Red Wine and Mustard Glaze.

Overall, the menu options are quite varied. Meals are well prepared, and the freezer-to-table top gives enough time to open some wine, decant, and let it stand for a while. Delivery time is very convenient. We initially wondered how the cost would impact our budget but soon realised that while there was a budget increase, there were savings in the purchase of food and fewer trips to the supermarket. Food wastage has been almost zero.

The Lite n’ Easy support team is fabulous. There’s nothing they can’t deal with!

We are a retired couple who like to stay active and involved in our community. These days I research and write family history, and a couple of years ago obtained my barista’s certificate. I ‘apply my trade’ at a local community centre. My wife worked in the health industry and retired 17 years ago, and today enjoys gardening, reading and craftwork.

While we had no goal to lose weight, some weight loss has been experienced. We also believe our Lite n’ Easy meals offer better nutritional balance.

Lite n’ Easy’s decision to introduce My Choice meals to South Australians is an exciting addition to an already impressive array of meal choices. It gives an option to maintain our nutritional and calorie profile while reducing the meal size for those occasions when a full day demands a more circumspect meal size.

 Lite n’ Easy has certainly made a positive change to our lifestyle.

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