Start Weight
69 kilos
Current Weight
60 kilos
Weight Lost
9 kilos
16 weeks

I work in retail and had started to find the physicality of my job quite tiring, being much heavier.

In February I went away with my partner for a holiday and ate very badly. When I returned home, I felt terrible and sluggish and when I weighed myself, I was 69 kilos!

I had already decided while I was away on holiday, staying in hotels and seeing Lite n’ Easy advertisements on TV, that I was going to finish my annual leave and then start with my weight loss straight away on my return.

I did all my research about Lite n’ Easy while I was away and knew that I was ready psychologically to do it.

I absolutely love the food and the whole convenience of it. Unlike other weight loss programs, I had tried and failed, Lite n’ Easy is not hard at all to follow and I have achieved long term sustainable results.

I have lost 9 kilos and I have loved every step of the way.

I am very happy to be fitting back into my old clothes again.

*Individual results may vary