My life before Lite n’ Easy was a bit ‘topsy turvy’ when it came to eating healthily. I would try to ensure plenty of fresh, healthy ingredients were in the house, but with my wife and I working full time, we often reverted to the ease of ordering the dreaded takeaway food option. We both enjoy exercising, but sometimes our lazy eating was sabotaging our best efforts.

Lite n’ Easy simplified things and the ease and convenience ensured the meals were an instant hit.

We had tried other programs and plans but Lite n’ Easy was by far the easiest, and I must add the tastiest option. The program offers a complete package; no need to shop for groceries which keeps us safer during COVID.

I like to choose the Five Day Lunch & Dinner option. Working shifts gives me the opportunity to occasionally plan and prepare healthy meals as I still enjoy cooking. This is a great opportunity to be adventurous without panicking over “blowing it” and losing any gains made.

I would recommend Lite n’ Easy to anyone that enjoys good, healthy and tasty food, but equally values price and convenience.

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