Start Weight
76 kilos
Current Weight
58 kilos
Weight Lost
18 kilos
20 weeks

My Lite n’ Easy journey began in January 2020 when I started on the Jump Start program.

I had gained a lot of weight as a result of being diagnosed with reactive arthritis 2 ½ years ago, and started feeling absolutely exhausted every day. The onset of the arthritis was a complete shock, happening without warning, and the treatment plan included taking steroids which had very negative side effects including weight gain and adverse mental health issues. All this and a having three gorgeous kids to care for, made it a struggle to lose weight on my own.

I wanted to take control of my weight and feel healthier and happier.

The process of losing the weight with Lite n’ Easy was perfect for me. From the very first week I saw results which kept me motivated. After the initial couple of weeks on Jumpstart, I changed to the full 7 Day Meal Plan. The variety of food always kept me on track.

The more weight I lost the more energy I had which then inspired me to start doing a lot more exercise – the dog even got fitter with me!

I loved the convenience of Lite n’ Easy especially during the COVID-19 lockdown period. Having my Lite n’ Easy food ready and prepared each day really kept me on track. No lock in contracts was also great. I only needed a few meals one week, I was able to do that.

Overall I lost 18 kilos in 20 weeks and have so much more energy!

I have kept up my exercise and have learnt so much from the Lite n’ Easy program that I can now continue on my healthy journey to keep the weight off!

*Individual results may vary