Start Weight
82 kilos
Current Weight
62 kilos
Weight Lost
20 kilos
10 months

I had been a big girl all my life and tried heaps of diets. I was your classic yo-yo dieter, weight lost and weight gained, over and over again. I retired from work at the end of 2019, then hubby and I went on a great holiday to South America in February of 2020. We got home just as Covid was changing life as we knew it in Australia.

All those sudden changes contributed to a decrease in my mental health, and I did not cope well at all for the first 6 months of 2020, like many others I guess. I spent that time on the couch comfort eating and gaining another 10 kilos on my already overweight frame. All my exercise routines went out the door.

By January 2021 I snapped into action and started ordering the 1200 Calorie 5 Day Meal Plan.

I also bought additional frozen dinners and small meals for my husband to have at night. This seemed to work well for me as I took a more relaxed approach to weight loss, this time around. I love the Lite n’ Easy food and the variety. My all-time favourites are the Parmesan Crusted Fish, Tortilla Stack and all the curries.

I had already lost the 2020 kilos and had started regular walking by the time the 2021 lockdown came around and I was determined not to fall into the same trap I had the year before.

So I signed on with a local gym that had pivoted to online classes and got right back into my pilates and even added some strength training to the mix. The additional exercise improved my weight loss and before I knew it, I had lost 20 kilos in total and was at my goal!

I loved the Lite n’ Easy app and got a real buzz out of seeing my progress.

I am now ordering the 3 Day Meal Plan. I’m slowly regaining my confidence to plan and cook my own nutritious meals in the appropriate portions, which was my main problem prior to starting Lite n’ Easy. Having Lite n’ Easy 3 days a week is a really good reminder regarding portion sizes, especially when you’re getting back on track after the holiday season.

I have never felt better about myself.

Not just my weight, but also my general health goals which include keeping active, flexible and managing those niggles we all have. Losing weight has also dramatically improved my mental health and general outlook.

I think what made the difference this time was being kinder to myself, doing the 5 Day Plan to give me a little bit of downtime and flexibility and not stress so much.

*Individual results may vary