Start Weight
100 kilos
Current Weight
70 kilos
Weight Lost
30 kilos
48 weeks

I am an extremely busy working mum of 3 kids with no time for ME. Before Lite n’ Easy I would take family meal prep and cooking just one day at a time, only thinking about it when I absolutely had to.​ 

I started a new part time job in administration, where I was sitting all day and quickly started to gain a few kilos. Before that I’d always been on my feet all day, running around after the kids and I didn’t realise just how much incidental exercise I had been getting.

My weight climbed up to 100 and I was always tired. If I stopped, I slept. Something needed to change. I have done Lite n’ Easy before, about 16 years ago and before kids so I knew it works.

I found first two weeks on Lite n’ Easy were actually really easy, it’s amazing!

I chose the 1200 5 Day Meal Plan to fit into the family budget and give myself some flexibility on the weekends. I loved it 16 years ago and I love it all over again now. There is so much delicious food that you wouldn’t normally make for yourself. If there’s something you don’t like then there’s always an alternative. I don’t think you’d ever give yourself so much variety in your diet. You never get sick of the food…. EVER!

On average I lost 1 kilo per week for the first 18 weeks. Then I had some weddings, birthdays and visitors, so the loss slowed down a little due to not being so strict on myself. I started to go walking, once a day.

I continued to lose weight – 30 kilos total in under a year.

I’ve always had fluid retention and acquired Plantar Fasciitis in my feet which even after treatment, I still had some pain when standing up. After losing the first 10 – 15 kilos my Plantar Fasciitis went away on it’s own and my fluid in my legs greatly reduced.

I also have had my thyroid removed and have medication every day as replacement. This has now dropped back to my normal dose due to my weight loss.  It’s not about just  looking amazing, but the health benefits too. My hair is also healthier!

People can’t believe the wonderful food I eat and just how much I’m losing.

I absolutely love it!

Update from Caroline – April 2020

I have had no issues at all with any of my deliveries while all this COVID-19 is going on. Nothing has been substituted, and everything is still fresh. You wouldn’t know there’s craziness going on in the world. Due to the uncertainty of our finances, I’ve been a bit all over the place with my Ln’E ordering, but back in full swing (almost) this week. When I haven’t placed an order, I get withdrawals. I try to duplicate it on my own, but you simply can’t give yourself the variety, without food going off and getting thrown out. I still talk Ln’E up ALL the time.

*Individual results may vary