Start Weight
69 kilos
Current Weight
57 kilos
Weight Lost
12 kilos
4-5 months

For many years I was a standard size 10 and around 53 kilos, but after I turned 50 and got divorced the weight started to creep on. I was trying to exercise regularly but it was making little impact on my weight as I simply went home and drowned my sorrows in alcohol and junk food. My biggest problem is that I hate planning food and I simply don’t enjoy cooking.

My trigger was my participation in an amateur theatre production of ‘We Will Rock You’. I didn’t want to be the old fat chorus member, out of breath and frumpy in my costume. So my daughter bought me my first week’s meals as a Christmas present because she was sick of hearing me complaining about my weight and having to cook.

I started on the 1800 Calorie Meal Plan rather than go “cold turkey”, but after the first week I could see it was too much food for me, so I switched to the 1500 Calorie Lunch & Dinner Plan and saw a gradual decline in my weight. Then I added on the Lite n’ Easy breakfasts and gave up my take-away muffin and coffee habit in the morning. As I rehearsed for the show, I lost weight and exercised, then my confidence started to rise.

I switched to the complete 1200 Calorie Meal Plan. From that moment the weight started to drop off FAST!

In all I lost 12 kilos in 4-5 months. I love my new shape and my clothes are falling off me now. My greatest excitement was fitting into size 10 jeans again! Eventually, my daughter joined me on the program because she could see the benefits I was reaping and decided to try and control her own lazy eating habits with Lite n’ Easy.

We both love the convenience and the balance it brings to our busy lives.

*Individual results may vary