Start Weight
96 kilos
Current Weight
75 kilos
Weight Lost
21 kilos
12 months

NDIS customer – Sydney

Lite n’ Easy has quite simply changed my life. It has given me the opportunity to live my life to the full.

I have been diagnosed with autism, a soft tissue condition and an auto-immune condition. These health issues make it exceptionally hard for me to plan meals, do the shopping, and stand in the kitchen to cook. To make matters worse, medication I was taking to quite literally keeping me alive, was also responsible for me gaining a phenomenal amount of weight.

I ended up ballooning out to 96 kilos and I tried everything to deal with these problems.

With the assistance of the NDIS, I organised people to cook for me in my own home. This created additional stress with clean up and hygiene, and still left me with the issue of shopping for ingredients. I tried other meal delivery companies, but as someone who passionately loves their food, I was always left disappointed with respect to choice, quality and nutritional value.

With the birth of my son, Lachlan, in September 2020, I realised that I needed to address these challenges quickly. I also needed focus on improving my health and losing weight because it was no longer just about me, but also about this new life I had brought into the world. Hesitantly, and with a large deal of scepticism, I thought I would try Lite n’ Easy. Well, I have never looked back.

The food is absolutely delicious, and the variety and quality are exceptional.

I haven’t been this healthy or in such good shape in years, and I am only going to continue to improve. Whilst I may have only signed up with the idea of it being a somewhat temporary solution, I can’t even imagine a life without Lite n’ Easy now. I have been able to get back to work, and can focus on my son and my husband when I am at home. I cannot recommend Lite n’ Easy strongly enough.

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