Curtis McGrath

Congratulations Curtis – dual GOLD medalist at Tokyo Paralympics!

I chose to partner with Lite n’ Easy as I prepared for the Paralympic Games due to the ease and simplicity of getting the right healthy food. It made mealtime easy and fast so I can take more time to recover and focus on the things that mean a lot to me, my sport, my family and my health.

Being a disabled person that uses a wheelchair at home, having the convenience of the meals already prepared and healthy makes life a whole lot easier and less time consuming when it comes to mealtime.

I have tried another meal delivery service in the past, but the food was a bit bland and took some time to prepare.

Lite n’ Easy is tasty and convenient.

I chose to go with 7 Dinners, as I don’t eat too much for lunch and if I do it is very small, so the dinners were just right to get me through the weeks.

I ordered Lite n’ Easy’s High Protein dinners frequently to help reach my protein requirements.

There was lots of variety and options in the Lite n’ Easy menu. I was always surprised by the range and taste of all the food. I did not have one bad meal and it was always exciting to try the new menus when they came out. I really like the Rigatoni, it was delicious and filled me up.

Lite n’ Easy gave me a lot more time in my day to focus on my recovery and rest as I prepared for the Paralympic Games.

As I am an athlete, having a healthy and balanced diet is key to my athletic performance, so it definitely was a part of my choice of meals and I loved how all the meals were around 400 calories. It made it easy knowing the food is portion controlled and good for you.

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