I’ve fallen in love with Lite n’ Easy.

I’m a young professional working in accounting, I have run 5 marathons to date, AND I am a vegetarian! Eating healthy for me is a necessity. I don’t really enjoy cooking in the kitchen for hours each week, so sometimes my meals aren’t very healthy.

I had been waiting for a meal service to offer ALL vegetarian meals, so was very excited when Lite n’ Easy did. I had tried other meal delivery services before, however, I still needed to buy snacks and spend time cooking and preparing the meals.

I would rather spend my limited free time doing other things than cooking, so I ordered straight away as soon as I saw that Lite n’ Easy were offering complete vegetarian meal plans.

Every day is exciting, having something different to eat and it’s all so delicious!

I love the variety of each meal offered, especially as they are not dishes that I would take the time to make myself. It’s fantastic that the dietitians at Lite n’ Easy have incorporated a range of proteins to keep things interesting and not just all tofu or beans. The frozen dinners are especially handy when I need a quick and easy meal. There have definitely been times where family and colleagues have complimented how delicious my meals look and are surprised to hear it’s Lite n’ Easy.

The convenience of Lite n’ Easy and the ability to fit in with my lifestyle are real selling points for me.

I like not having to decide what to eat every day, particularly when I’m busy at work. It’s been great not having to spend an afternoon of my precious weekend planning, shopping, and preparing meals.

My order changes week to week and I enjoy the flexibility to pick my meals based on my schedule. For example, if I’m seeing friends for lunch, working from home, working from the office, or training for a big race. Being a marathon runner, I’ve been able to use Lite n’ Easy to my advantage. I’m having my carb dinners the night before a long run, as well as knowing that my nutritional needs are being met.

As Lite n’ Easy includes all meals as well as snacks, I find it excellent value when compared to other meal services I’ve tried. I also love that I only need to make my order the day before it’s delivered – so convenient!  I love knowing that I’m eating healthy and complimenting my healthy lifestyle. As an avid traveller I’ve even taken Lite n’ Easy on my road trips around South Australia!

Lite n’ Easy has given me more time, meal variety and flexibility. Especially when I’m juggling work, study, socialising and fitness – I’ll never look back!

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