Start Weight
67 kilos
Current Weight
55 kilos
Weight Lost
12 kilos
8 months

I moved away to Sydney last year to start my career and found it very difficult in the first few months as I missed my family and friends. It was hard to stay motivated because I didn’t know anyone and I quickly fell into a slump of bad eating habits and frequent snacking.

When I returned home for a  visit,  I noticed my weight gain and became very self-conscious.

My great auntie told me she wanted to start Lite n’ Easy as she had done it before and lost some  weight,  so I said we should do it together.

We started with Lite n’ Easy mid-February  2020 and  dropped weight quickly.

I work shifts, so having Lite n’ Easy gave me a lot  more free time and variety in my food. I no longer had to meal prep and was not eating the same boring thing  every day.

I lost  12 kilos and am now happy with my weight.

I can run 7.5 kms in 30 minutes whereas prior to the weight loss I could only cover 4kms in the same time!

I still eat Lite n’ Easy for its convenient, tasty variety of food and the knowledge that I am eating healthy and staying with the right portions, with some cheeky exceptions.

Lite n’ Easy is now part of my lifestyle and I feel I have been educated about nutrition and correct portion sizes.

I am not looking to stop because it’s just so convenient and I feel  more confident, energetic and happier within myself.

*Individual results may vary.