Start Weight
105 kilos
Current Weight
75 kilos
Weight Lost
30 kilos
12 months

I was always reasonably fit, even super fit at times during my 20’s and 30’s. I hovered around the 80-85 kilo mark for years without worrying too much about what I ate.

Then in my 40’s I got a bit lazier, stopped exercising and gradually I went up to 100 then 105 kilos. The physical impacts were significant. I drive a ute for work and I couldn’t reach through to the back. I was tired all the time and my general health and fitness suffered.

I started Lite n’ Easy at the beginning of March 2017 and by mid January 2018 I had reached my goal weight of 75 kilos.

In less than a year I’ve lost 30 kilos and I feel awesome. It’s just been so easy.

It is incredible how much taste and nutrition Lite n’ Easy build into their meals. I was amazed how much food I was given each day, when normally on a “diet” I would be starving. It keeps me satisfied and gives me all the energy I need each day while still losing weight.

I haven’t ordered for the last 2 weeks because I have been away for work but that’s the great thing. I can order as I need, miss a few weeks and then come back. I love the food and the convenience of having everything ready each day. My friends and my sister are all ordering now too after seeing my success.

I have always enjoyed travelling and cycling, now I regularly clock up 40kms on the weekends. Everything is easier now I am so much lighter and fitter. I feel like a new man!

UPDATE – December 2018

Just thought I’d let you know that almost 12 months since I first lost the weight, I have managed to maintain my goal weight of 75 kilos, even after spending a couple of months holidaying in Vietnam and Thailand. I did come home at about 82 kilos, but with the help of Lite n’ Easy it didn’t take long to get back to 75. I’m still doing stuff I couldn’t do when I was 105kg, still loving life and still loving Lite n’ Easy!

*Individual results may vary