Deb & Andy Saunders survived The Block 2019 with the help of Lite n’ Easy, and they still enjoy the healthy convenience of our home delivered meals today.

Deb: The Block was, physically and mentally, the most challenging thing I think that we’ve ever done. There’s no time to take care of yourself when you’re working that hard. You’re not sleeping and you require a lot of energy just to get through the day.

Andy: We needed to have good food and that’s what Lite n’ Easy was for us. It was just energy. It was sustenance. It was healthy, it was fresh. It was there and ready to go.

I don’t think we would have survived The Block without Lite n’ Easy. It kept us going.

Deb: And even though it began as something that got us through The Block, we now eat it at home as well.

Andy: Having healthy food with a family as busy as ours is of utmost importance. We spend half our lives preparing food. To have Lite n’ Easy take over that task, it’s a beautiful convenience. And it actually enhances our own lifestyle and the time we spend with the kids.

Deb: It’s saving time that we can spend together. But you also know you’re still getting a really nice meal that’s healthy.

It’s a convenience thing at work as well.

We’re really busy at work, so to have a delicious, healthy meal ready to go anytime you need it is a real convenience.

Andy: It’s convenient. It’s healthy. It’s fresh. There’s plenty of variety. The taste is ridiculously good. I love it.