Start Weight
92 kilos
Current Weight
73 kilos
Weight Lost
19 kilos
9 months

I needed to lose weight. I was 92 kilos and struggled doing most things. I was feeling sluggish, lazy, and tired.

My turning point came after I went on a trip to Queensland with my daughter. I felt ok with myself at a size 18 – 20 but I never really looked in mirrors. When we came back and I checked out the photos of our holiday and I couldn’t believe how big I was.

I looked into a few options and decided to try Lite n’ Easy because I was tight on time with the job I have. I placed my first order and when it arrived, it was like Christmas.

I  was impressed with the amount of food you get and the variety.

I felt very happy as I loaded up my fridge and freezer. At the end of my first week, I had lost 2kgs.  I was over the moon. I hadn’t done any exercise at all. So, I ordered the next week too. I was thoroughly enjoying the food and I never felt hungry. As each week went by, I lost weight.

I now weigh 73kgs and fit into a size 12 again.

I have so much more energy  now, I get things done so much quicker than I used to. I love shopping for new clothes and don’t mind seeing myself in the mirror because I know I look good and I feel even better in myself.

I had been diagnosed with pre-diabetes and high blood pressure. Now I have no sign of diabetes and my bloods pressure is that of an 18 year old. ​So I’ll continue with Lite n’ Easy as I don’t have to worry about shopping or preparing and cooking food. It just makes life so much easier, knowing I am eating healthy and maintaining my weight.

Thank you Lite n’ Easy – it has been just the “miracle” I needed.

*Individual results may vary