I’m a third year medical student now in my clinical years of training. My previous work and study was in music, so the transition to medicine has been a steep learning curve, but I love it!

My mum was on Lite n’ Easy for a few years to save herself time and help her lose weight while she was busy working very long hours. She absolutely swears by it, so it was her idea to get me onto Lite n’ Easy. My parents made the generous decision when I started medical school, to provide Lite n’ Easy meals as their practical way of supporting me from afar through the four years of this challenging degree.

I am so grateful that I have such balanced, delicious meals on hand without the need to do grocery shopping or meal-prep.

Despite living hours and hours away, mum and dad still manage to feed me well and take care of me! That’s definitely something that’s on my mind. It’s a nice way to feel close to them even when life is busy with hospital clinical placements, labour ward night shifts, assessments, study and exams.

I feel loved each time I go to the kitchen for a Lite n’ Easy feed.

Through this Covid-19 pandemic, our medical training and hospital clinical continued as normal but then we were moved online for a while. It’s been a relief to know I’ll still be able to eat well and keep learning and focussed through it all, even if I’m not able to go to the shops.

And mum and dad will know that I’m safe as well as still eating properly.

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