Start Weight
84 kilos
Current Weight
76 kilos
Weight Lost
8 kilos
8 weeks

I enjoy the convenience of Lite n’ Easy.

The meals are so delicious and ready to go. I am happy to be eating so healthy, particularly when I have busy times at work. I love being able to grab whatever day I am up to and head out the door, no fuss.

Losing weight is an extra bonus and I have lost 8 kilos in 8 weeks!

I am feeling more energetic and on top of the world. I am more positive in my day-to-day approach and I am extremely motivated to achieve my end goal of 73 kilos.

I walk every day and stick to my healthy eating routine with Lite n’ Easy Jump Start.

I didn’t mind missing breakfast two days as part of the intermittent eating approach on Jump Start. It is great for extra weight loss which makes it motivating to see success quickly.

I have been extremely motivated with Lite n’ Easy. I have added in gentle walking, stuck to the program 100% and am enjoying the food because it is delicious with a lot of variety.

I have trimmed right down, but most importantly, Lite n’ Easy is convenient and healthy.

*Individual results may vary