Start Weight
127 kilos
Current Weight
85 kilos
Weight Lost
42 kilos
18 months

I started on Lite n’ Easy 2 years ago. My confidence and self-esteem were at an all time low and my health was deteriorating. I had tried every single fad diet on the market but the little weight I would lose would always come back plus a few extra kilos each time.

I suffered from severe lower back pain, restless legs, acid reflux, migraines, psoriasis and iron deficiency. I wore a size 24 and could not stand the sight of myself in the mirror. ​

I decided to start ordering Lite n’ Easy and that decision changed my life.

By having Lite n’ Easy lunches combined with Mini-Meals for dinner, as well as doing a little walking every day I have managed to lose 42 kilos and got my life and health back. ​

My daughter joined me a few months into my journey and has managed to lose 23 kilos. We are both much healthier much happier people.

I started walking and I have so much more energy that I look forward to getting out and about and being active. My health has improved significantly, all the conditions I suffered have disappeared or cleared up. My mobility issues are a thing of the past and I can reach my toes again!

I am most definitely a more confident, fun loving, outgoing, active person. I have always wanted to get into motorbike riding, but my weight was an issue. After losing about 30 kilos I went to a bike shop with my husband and got onto one of the bikes. I felt so comfortable and confident. The next week I booked my Learner’s appointment and got my L’s. I now ride with my husband almost every weekend and I am absolutely loving it!​

Thank you so much to Lite n’ Easy for changing my life.

*Individual results may vary