Start Weight
107 kilos (180cm)
Current Weight
85 kilos
Weight Lost
22 kilos
8 months

Being a tall woman, I have always been able to carry my weight well. I embraced my body regardless of what size or shape I was.

I have a very busy lifestyle running a business and a household, and I found myself getting tired all the time. I knew as I was getting older that I couldn’t carry that much weight and that losing it was something I needed to do. I just didn’t know how to do it.

My brother had great success with Lite n’ Easy so I thought why not give it a go for myself.

Coming from a fruit and vegetable family business, I had the privilege of meeting the staff of Lite n’ Easy Melbourne and seeing how their operation works. I am impressed with how the food is prepared and packed. And the staff are amazing!

Being a big lover of food, I was a bit apprehensive about the portions and flavours, but all the food from Lite n’ Easy is fantastic. There are so many different choices, from pastas and curries to salads, so it’s always exciting to see what’s on the menu.

I really only had 8 weeks in mind, but when I started to see good results I kept going. I lost 22 kilos and I feel fantastic!

The convenience of Lite n’ Easy has also been a delight as now I can take care of myself as well as my family. Life was great before Lite n’ Easy, but not as great as it is now because I’ve got lots of energy, I can fit into lots of clothes and I feel good on the inside and on the outside as well.

I recently had a little health scare which I believe could have turned into something more serious if I had not lost this excess weight. So the timing of my weight loss was perfect. As I get older, I realise a healthy diet and healthy weight are crucial if I want to live a long enjoyable life.

Thanks Lite n’ Easy… you were an unexpected blessing!

*Individual results may vary