Start Weight
112 kilos
Current Weight
78 kilos
Weight Lost
34 kilos
1 year
A year ago, as a 30 year old I weighed 112 kilos and felt like my health was in decline. I ate lots of junk food but was in denial as to why the weight kept climbing. I kept feeling too hot and was diagnosed as verging on type 2 diabetes by my doctor. I was constantly sweating, had heart palpitations and strange headaches. I also felt acutely self-conscious of my size and dressed conservatively to hide it.
The rock bottom moment for me was after my partner and I visited the Warrumbungles National Park last year for a walk. We tackled a relatively flat 5km walk which left me breathless, aching and exhausted for days. I was fearful as a 30 year old that I could have a heart attack after feeling my heart beating out of my chest for hours, and spent 2 days in bed recovering.
I decided something had to change and started Lite n’ Easy. The weight started falling off, and I lost 15 kilos in my first 3 months.
The headaches stopped, as did the heart palpitations and my family laugh when they see me wearing jumpers after seeing me only wearing t-shirts for years!
I ordered the 1500 Calorie Meal Plan initially then changed to the 1200 and I have been delighted by the quality of food on Lite n’ Easy. I look forward to each meal and love the variety of vegetables and fruit incorporated into each meal. The textures and flavours of the meals, plus the delicious snacks, make me feel satisfied and keep me interested.  
During my time on Lite n’  Easy, I have lost 34 kilos.
I am still on my journey to lose a few more kilos and I know I have the ability to achieve this with Lite n’ Easy. One of the most incredible differences I have noticed after losing all the weight is how much more energy I have, and improvements to my stamina. 
I returned to the Warrumbungles for a holiday, this time with an esky packed with a week’s worth of Lite n’ Easy. I can happily report that I managed to climb even the steepest hikes in the park including the Grand High Tops circuit – a rocky, uneven track 14.5km in length and with a 700m vertical incline. Standing on the top of the ledge and looking for miles across the national park felt like an achievement on so many levels. Even more incredible was that I woke up the next day without a sore muscle and was able to go for a follow up walk!
I cannot understate the freedom and quality of life which Lite n’ Easy has been able to give me.
For this reason, I tell everyone about your brilliant service. Thank you for giving me a second chance at a happy, healthy life. I promise I won’t waste it!
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