Professional soccer player

I’m Gianni Stensness, central midfielder for the Central Coast Mariners. I’ve been playing professional football for two and a half years now, my other professional gig coming at Wellington Phoenix.

I use Lite n’ Easy because it’s nutritious, convenient food.

Lite n’ Easy serves as the perfect meal for me when I don’t have the luxury of preparing a full-blown meal from scratch.

As a professional athlete, I often use Lite n’ Easy meals as a healthy filler in between lunch and dinner.

In general I love cooking, but after a long day of training and performing other club commitments, as well as balancing university, Lite n’ Easy is a life-saver. All I have to do is put it in the microwave and a delicious meal is ready to be enjoyed with minimal preparation and effort.

I love the new fresh chicken and lamb meals. I also like the frozen chicken schnitzel meals, as well as the beef stroganoff and slow cooked lamb shanks.

Generally, I look for meals with higher protein content to ensure muscle repair and growth on training days.

Good nutrition is essential for me to train and perform at my best. I can feel my body yearning for good nutrition if I let go for a day or so. I feel light, fresh and renewed when I’ve consciously taking in the right nutrition with the help of Lite n’ Easy.

*Individual results may vary