Start Weight
97 kilos (170cm)
Current Weight
60 kilos
Weight Lost
37 kilos
8 months

Before Lite n’ Easy I was unfit, unhappy and didn’t really want to do anything. I’d lost all self-confidence and stopped wanting to socialise with my friends and family because I had nothing to wear that fitted or looked nice.

I was turning 50 last year and decided enough was enough.

I had tried Lite n’ Easy before and I knew it worked so thought I’d give it another go.

I’m such a visual goal person so I bought a Smart Watch to keep me motivated and moving. I ordered the 1200 Calorie Full 7 Day Plan and off I went! I decided to also give up alcohol for the first couple of months.

Within the first few weeks I was really surprised at how much weight I’d lost without feeling like I’d done anything different, apart from obviously eating better. I didn’t feel hungry. I felt a lot more energetic and I wasn’t as tired anymore coming back from work.

I just love the food, it’s exciting and fresh.

Just the fact that I didn’t have to go food shopping and I didn’t have to plan my menu was so wonderful. And if I was ever tempted to stray off the path, I didn’t, because the food was already there. The convenience of just going to the fridge in the morning, picking my breakfast and my lunch and taking it to work with me was great.

The weight came off on average a kilo a week and soon I became confident enough to start jogging. My clothes started getting looser and people began to notice the weight loss. There’s nothing better!

I lost 37 kilos in 8 months and I would never have dreamt it possible. I feel like a different person and it still astounds me. It’s certainly given me my health and confidence back!

When people ask me what’s my secret, I tell them it’s no secret – just Lite n’ Easy!

*Individual results may vary