Start Weight
78 kilos (165cm)
Current Weight
65 kilos
Weight Lost
13 kilos
16 weeks

Before Lite n’ Easy my busy work lifestyle had caught up with me and my weight was up and down like a yoyo. I made no time for exercise or healthy meal choices and I never ate at the right times.​ My clothes weren’t fitting, I didn’t like getting my photo taken and I was always tired. ​

A girlfriend recommended I try Lite n’ Easy after  I told her I was unhappy with my weight. I’d also had family and friends try Lite n’ Easy and absolutely loved the results. ​

My goal when I started was a “bikini body” and to be “summer ready”.

I chose the 1200 calorie 7 Day Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner Meal Plan ​because I  needed consistency and to get back into a good routine. This ensured I would reach my goal weight a lot sooner. ​I stuck to it for the first 3 months and lost over 10 kilos!

In the fourth month, there were a few times where I ordered just the 5 Day Meal Plan so I could still go away or go out with family and friends.  Even then I found I made healthier choices and kept losing weight.

I have lost 13 kilos so far and have 6 more kilos to lose until I reach my goal weight.

So I am still on the Lite n’ Easy journey but  already I can feel many of the benefits. Lite n’ Easy has allowed me to make time for the more important things. I’m eating breakfast, sitting down to eat lunch and dinner. I’m finding the time to exercise. I now actually want to exercise because I enjoy it!

Best of all, my clothes are fitting, I’m happier and healthier and I can’t wait for summer!

Thank you Lite n’ Easy!

*Individual results may vary