Start Weight
74 kilos
Current Weight
62 kilos
Weight Lost
12 kilos
14 weeks
Before Lite n’ Easy, I was struggling with day-to-day life and mental health, coping with the passing away of my 19 year old daughter who was tragically killed in a car accident 2 1/2  years ago. 

The pressure, anxiety, triggers and pain are unexplainable. You find coping mechanisms which somehow gives you the strength, and a ‘can do’ attitude to keep going on in life. One of my coping mechanisms was reaching out to Lite n’ Easy, to ensure I was eating a balanced diet every day, and that ultimately gave me strength and confidence in day to day life. 

Lite n’ Easy helps me to look after my inner self with good nutrition every day.

I chose Lite n’ Easy because it’s the best option for a nutritious, well balanced, perfectly portioned, convenient and 100% delicious program that’s delivered to my door every week. I don’t have to think about what to shop for, prepare or cook. All I have to do is buy skim milk, take my numbered meal bag out of the fridge or freezer and enjoy. I love the alternate options and simplicity of preparing, presenting and eating each meal. 

The food is second to none –  well portioned, nutritious, delicious and offers so much variety. 

Lite n’ Easy has also given me back more time to focus on some new hobbies. I have started playing the drums and I also attend singing lessons. I love them both. Music helps the soul mentally and good food feeds the soul.

I also wanted to fit into my white dress with buttons down the back, which I bought 5 years ago. Each Christmas I try it on, but I could never do it up properly. Thanks to Lite n’ Easy and committing to the program for a few months, I can now fit into my beautiful white dress and do the buttons all the way up. 

Thank you Lite n’ Easy for making me a more positive person and helping me to look at life in a more positive way.

*Individual results may vary