Start Weight
81 kilos (173cm)
Current Weight
57 kilos
Weight Lost
24 kilos
6 months

I first started Lite n’ Easy when I was finishing university and the partying lifestyle led me to gain a few kilos. It was such a success, so delicious and enjoyable that I’ve continued to use Lite n’ Easy on and off ever since. It was particularly useful to slim down and feel wonderful on my wedding day and to lose the baby weight after my three children.

I don’t order all the time, just when life gets busy.

I don’t worry about gaining a few kilos when we go on holidays or over Christmas.  I know I can rely on Lite n’ Easy as a guaranteed way of getting my body back to its best.

The reason I keep coming back is because of the food!

It’s fresh, healthy food with properly balanced meals that make me feel good, so it’s easy to lose weight. With three children to run after and helping my husband with a business, it is so nice to be able to eat restaurant quality food that’s been prepared for me.

l love how easy it is for me to order my meals. I generally do it on my phone which is so convenient.

I’ve had so many friends and colleagues start Lite n’ Easy over the years, partly because I rave about it so much. They can’t believe I eat such delicious food and lose weight, all without having to meal plan, shop or cook for myself.

After my third child I lost 24 kilos in 6 months and have kept it off ever since. I’m healthier. I have more energy to be with my family and manage my day. I am more confident in my body and feel better about myself. Ultimately I’m a happier person.

Lite n’ Easy is just a regular part of my lifestyle so food isn’t an issue for me anymore. I can just relax and enjoy life.

*Individual results may vary