Start Weight
128 kilos
Current Weight
64 kilos
Weight Lost
64 kilos
15 months

Before Lite n’ Easy I’d been overweight or obese for most of my life.

I found myself tired physically and unable to keep up with my workload as a retail assistant manager. It affected me mentally as well. I felt quite low and closed off to other people. I would just hide away and avoid social activities with friends and family as much as possible.

In January 2020 I reached 128 kilos, the heaviest I’d ever been.

I noticed a lot more joint pain, especially in my right ankle. I knew at that point once joint pain had begun that things needed to change.

So, I started the Lite n’ Easy program again having tried it before.

Even though I hadn’t had much success with Lite n’ Easy in the past, this was mainly due to my own lack of motivation and lack of persistence with sticking to it. I still felt it was a suitable program for me to return to, considering the flexibility it provided me across the calorie plans and extras it offered.

For the first six months I trialled the 1800 and then the 1500 Calorie Meal Plans, to get me started on changing my approach to food. Both plans offered great variety and options with food. Plenty of fresh options and some frozen options which were great for work lunches.

I then eventually trialled the 1200 Calorie 5 Day Meal and some of the small meal options – Mini Meals, Lite Meals and soups from July 2020 (Stage 3 COVID restrictions) up to March 2021. That broad range of options and flexibility with the Lite n’ Easy program really helped my approach to weight loss and assisted me when it came to making daily and weekly changes along the way. I loved the pulled beef nachos – one of my favourite lunch options when available on the menu!

I have lost 64 kilos in total in 15 months. I went from 128 kilos down to 64 kilos, half my original weight.

My life has changed dramatically. The confidence I feel within myself is soaring. I actually want to be out and socialise more with family and friends!

Exercise has been a key factor with my weight loss. My initial approach to weight loss was the food and changing how I ate which the Lite n’ Easy program played a big part in assisting with those changes. However, when Stage 3 COVID-19 restrictions began in Melbourne July 2020 and my company closed their doors early ahead of Stage 4 restrictions and lockdown, I took the opportunity with my time spent at home to introduce exercise into my weight loss approach.

I introduced a 1 hour morning walk and a 1 hour evening walk, then introduced 1-1.5hrs of cardio HIIT workouts instead of my morning walk, as we could only leave the house once a day. This helped lose around 1-1.5kgs a week.

Lite n’ Easy is definitely a program I intend on continuing to use to assist in maintaining my weight at 64 kilos.

I’ve learnt so much in the last year with my weight loss approach. It wasn’t an easy task to take on and there was a lot or trial and error along the way until I got the balance right.

I am so happy I returned to Lite n’ Easy and proud of the effort and work I put into losing the weight.

Having reached my goal – I have absolutely no regrets!

*Individual results may vary