Start Weight
106 kilos
Current Weight
81 kilos
Weight Lost
25 kilos
24 weeks

A little under two years ago a bubbly pocket-rocket called Beatrix burst into my life. Each day, my daughter was accomplishing more than I thought possible. Meanwhile, I was slowing down and expanding. As she grew from a baby into a toddler, she wanted to run and play. But I couldn’t keep up. I was overweight and couldn’t move freely.

I was physically and mentally tired. All she wanted to do was play and all I wanted to do was sit down.

Without Lite n Easy, I would probably still be thinking about losing weight. Jump Start gave me the kick-start I needed. It provided me with a clear game plan that was convenient to access and easy to follow. I had no excuses.  On Jump Start I think I lost about four or five kilos in those first couple of weeks. People noticed. And then that gave me the motivation and drive, just that validation just to keep going.

Now I’ve lost 25 kilos, so it really has worked for me.

Thanks to Lite n’ Easy, I’ve lost weight and formed healthy eating habits. I feel really good. I feel like I can be more active, and I feel like I can just keep going. I feel less mentally tired, as well and I’ve gained the confidence and energy needed to play with my daughter.

Lite n’ Easy helped me become the dad I wanted to be.

*Individual results may vary