Start Weight
101 kilos
Current Weight
80 kilos
Weight Lost
21 kilos
18 months

After receiving my MS diagnosis 10 years ago, my quality of life progressively deteriorated. I struggled with my mobility and mental health. A poor diet, lack of exercise and motivation saw the weight creep on and on. I knew I needed to take control of my life and my overeating and that’s where Lite n’ Easy became my saviour.

I’ve lost 21 kilos in 18 months and found new motivation that I thought would never return.

I am very fortunate to have had the NDIS subsidise my weekly orders, making this a long-term lifestyle change that I can maintain, not just a fad diet. The fact there is no preparation required is a big win for me. Having healthy, nutritious meals ready to eat with no effort needed is essential for me, as having MS impacts my ability to be able to do the preparation.

I am on the 1200 Calorie Meal Plan that provides me with 3 meals and snacks each day, and I find the controlled portions more than adequate. Some of my favourite meals include the Lamb Shanks, Spaghetti Bolognaise and the Char-Grilled Steak with Pepper Sauce.

Controlling my eating habits and losing weight has helped me to regain my confidence and find the motivation I needed to participate in regular activity. These days I work closely with my exercise physiologist, 3 times per week and I look forward to every session.

Feeling confident within myself and my body means this is now my new normal.

My two adult children have been two of my biggest motivators and are proud of what I have been able to achieve throughout my journey. I truly believe I would not have been able to achieve what I have over the past 18 months without Lite n’ Easy, and for that I could not be more thankful.

*Individual results may vary