I’m a mum of 2 children and I do a breakfast radio show in Sydney. When my first delivery of Lite n’ Easy arrived, it felt like my mum had packed my meals for the week and I just felt like someone was looking after me for a change.

With Lite n‘ Easy it’s a trifecta – you’ve got convenience, taste and nutrition. And that’s why it works.

Last year Norm and I were on the The Block and I can tell you it was a thousand times harder than what it looks on TV. I think having Lite n’ Easy would’ve been a game changer for us and I think it would’ve been a game changer for the rest of the contestants. To have access to fresh healthy food, 24/7… what else do you need to be healthy and successful.

I’m finally healthy after all these years and I finally have time and energy to spend with my family.

I couldn’t be happier thanks to Lite n’ Easy.

*Individual results may vary